Show Dampness the Door at Your Home in Broadview Heights, OH

Stone Based Inc. Offers Home waterproofing services you can afford to love

Make your home more enjoyable to live in with waterproofing services from Stone Based Inc. Our contractors are highly skilled in replacing pipes, as well as waterproofing the interior and exterior of homes.

If your home feels damp, don’t delay. Call Stone Based Inc. in Broadview Heights, OH at 216-401-1991 to refresh your home to dry, clean conditions.

Broadview Heights, OH: 4 signs it’s time to waterproof your basement

Do you need waterproofing services? If you’re unsure, here are some signs your Broadview Heights basement needs attention from Stone Based Inc.:

  1. You can see mold spores
  2. Your basement is damp or has a musty odor
  3. There’s a buildup of efflorescence
  4. You see cracks on the walls or floor

Call 216-401-1991 to schedule a basement waterproofing appointment for your Ohio home.